Release the potential of core employees, leaders and talents

- and build the competencies and capabilities to handle complexity and transformative change

The world we live in is becoming more and more VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous, and the demands on businesses and employees are relentless. So leaders and knowledge workers need to constantly develop and learn, to avoid skill-gaps expanding.

From research on the Future of Work, we know that knowledge workers need a broad set of competencies to succeed, but few master all these cognitive power / Excellence competencies.

We call them Excellence competencies, as they create the foundation for you to work on the next level – and beyond – while empowering you with the tools and motivation to take on more complex assignments and projects.

Taking our courses, you’ll be improving your performance significantly, and become more calm, confident and in control.

Why you should take our courses

BMEI uses a proven process combining the latest in research on learning with behavioural impact and practical tools to help you master these competencies of the future. Our methodology is unique and with a focus on direct and immediate application on your work tasks and projects.

Our programs are fast-paced, blended and highly effective, with industry leading impact – to give you the highest Return On Investment.

Our flagship program – Fundamentals of Excellence – covers the following competencies:


Self-leadership & effectiveness

  • Enhance your value creation and personal effectiveness 
  • Learn how to deal with complexity, ambiguity & transformation
  • Improve your reasoning and decision making skills
  • Learn how to take control of your business system and performance
  • Recognize and handle biases (own & those of other people) and cognitive faults
  • Determine your full potential and how to continuously perform at the highest possible levels
  • Learn how to “set yourself up to win”


Emotional Intelligence & Interpersonal

  • Determine ways to build trust and improve collaboration 
  • Learn how to better understand, influence and persuade others
  • Get tools to align and engage your team and other stakeholders
  • Gain the methods to handle difficult meetings & personalities 
  • Enhance your customer understanding & orientation, also with internal stakeholders
  • Build accountability and adaptability in yourself and others
  • Become more calm, confident and in control and enjoy your work much more


Business Acumen & Innovation

  • Become a critical and agile thinker
  • Develop your creativity skills and learn methods for Breakthrough Innovation
  • Learn how to acquire new knowledge & competencies
  • Get the methods to combat complexity with simplification
  • Learn how to map the company value chain & get an overview of complex systems
  • Familiarize yourself with Industry 4.0 & The Future of Work
  • Learn how to drive performance in volatile, complex and uncertain environments

Our programs

We offer different types of programs:


Empower yourself and vastly improve your performance

Jan, Apr, Aug, Oct


Transformational Excellence

Transform your impact, leadership & business acumen

Jan, Apr, Aug, Oct



Executive mentoring & sparring in relation to concrete leadership challenges

Individual kick-off

Fundamentals of Excellence - Open

Dramatically enhance your performance and resillience (confidence & control)

Jan, Apr, Aug, Oct


Fundamentals of Excellence - Company

Dramatically enhance your performance and resillience (confidence & control)

Individual kick-off


Fundamentals of Excellence - Individual

Dramatically enhance your performance and resillience (confidence & control)

Individual kick-off

Excellence Master Classes

Learn how to Master 15 different Competencies of the Future

Individual kick-off

HRBP Excellence

Advanced HRBP Strategic Advisor & Business Consultant training

Individual kick-off

Excellence Booster

Our unique Booster training to support Excellence Alumni continuous learning

January & Individual kick-off

Mini Master of Business Excellence

The critical power competencies to transform your impact, leadership & business acumen

Spring and autumn

Who should take our training?

Our participants are typically leaders, product owners, project managers, talents and senior specialists, from Manager to VP-level, interested in taking their performance to the next level. Participants represent the TOP 100 International companies in Denmark.

The program provides you with a set of transferable competencies (skills, mind-set and behaviours) that are relevant for virtually any role and professional in the future.

You should participate in our Excellence courses if:

  1. You want to increase your critical thinking and creativity, and future proof your carreer and skillset
  2. You’re interested in how to dramatically improve your performance and value creation
  3. You want to enhance your business acumen and become more versatile

The typical business professional is usually overworked, time-pressed and under trained, working with a complexity level of tasks that is often above his/her competency level, which increasingly leads to emotional and cognitive stress, and project failure.

So, if you are a business professional (leader, senior specialists or talent) interested in lifting your performance to the next level – and getting in control – our Excellence programs can provide you with a set of transferable competencies that are relevant for virtually any knowledge worker in the future.

Our programs will help you become more calm, confident and in control – which we call “Empowered by Excellence”. 

Why & when

"WHY" - for the Individual

  • Master the tools & methods to increase your impact and reach the next level of performance (“YOU V4.0”)…
  • Discover your potential and grow your capacity – it is much larger than you think…
  • Succeed with challenging tasks & strategic initiatives and learn how to handle complexity, transformation & digitalisation…
  • Empower yourself and increase your autonomy – so you are more calm, confident and in control…
  • Improve your creative skills and innovation through breakthrough thinking and idea generation techniques…
  • See how to improve your trustworthiness, collaboration and influencing skills – and gain support for you ideas and input
  • Learn how to “set yourself up to win” and improve your personal brand – and take control of your career… 

"WHEN" - for the Company

  • Better execution of strategic/ transformative projects needed, but lacking capacity & capability to deliver strategic intent…
  • Changing business model due to digitalisation with changes to value proposition, organisation, operational system…
  • Breakthrough thinking required to deliver new innovative & creative solutions to customers…
  • Need to align the organisation to a common mindset and behaviours, and a shared set of skills (toolbox)
  • Structural and cultural barriers (e.g. functional silo’s) slowing your company down – but need to accelerate and collaborate…
  • Increasing complexity & ambiguity and employees struggling with time pressures, stress, motivation…
  • Pressure on margins and need to increase transparency of performance across the organisation…

Our Learning Methodology

BMEI uses a proven process combining the latest in research on learning with behavioural impact and practical tools to help you master these competencies of the future. Our methodolgy is unique and we train the competencies as a combination of both mindset, skill and behaviour with a focus on direct and immediate application on your work tasks and projects.

Our programs are fast-paced, blended and highly effective, with industry leading impact, and we offer both OPEN and flexible IN-COMPANY training programs. Our next generation learning Academy is based on a digital learning universe combined with high-paced and interactive workshops in a combined blended learning offering.

Testimonials from previous participants




See full video testimonials from our previous participants here: Testimonials



"Actively and systematically listening to our customers' voice has been a driver in changing our business model fundamentally"

"I became aware that I cannot expect change, unless I assume responsibility for the change myself"

"I wanted to take this course to get a broad and extensive toolbox and wauw you have delivered"

"I now see exponential learning as a pre-requisite, not just learning for pleasure"

Impact scores


9.4 (10)

Net Promoter Score


Increased Value Creation


Increased motivation to learn and improve

4.8 (5)


The OPEN courses run every quarter at our Lyngby campus and here you will meet participants from different industries and backgrounds.

OPEN+ is an option that includes 1:1 mentoring sessions where our senior mentors help you apply the new competencies on your work assignments, in order to support, accelerate and deepen the learning impact.

The COMPANY offerings are company designed programs for specific constellations of employees such as high-potentials, mid-level leaders, senior specialists, project & IT managers, etc. having complex tasks.

In the INDIVIDUAL programs we create individually tailored programs for senior leaders that include 1:1 mentoring, in a format that allows for deeper exploration of the participants work activities and challenges.

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