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The Institute’s mission is to assist organisations and individuals in delivering superior performance and unleashing their full potential.


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Success is not random.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


BMEI is a Danish-based company specializing in technology-dependent training and related advisory.

BMEI is engaged in the delivery of employee and business development services enhanced by technology solutions, including our unique and proprietary Learning Academy, which is a digital platform used in our training programs.

The platform contains a range of separate competency modules, all related to competencies of the future and what we label cognitive power or excellence skills.

The digital platform is used as a learning accelerator, to speed up the learning process and increase the learning retention and impact, in our blended learning solutions.

”When the student is ready the teacher will appear”

Executive Team & Senior Advisors

Søren Laungaard

CEO and Founder of Business Model Excellence Institute

SØREN LAUNGAARD is the CEO and founder of Business Model Excellence Institute, originally a Management-For-Hire company delivering excellence programs to large international companies. He is also an active chairman and investor in PAJ Group working within advanced mechatronics, in Leadership Pipeline Institute focused on implementing high impact leadership and organisational effectiveness solutions, and in EORTEC working with enhanced oil recovery and technology.

Prior to this, he was part of the Executive Board of Maersk Line with global responsibility for 4 functional areas of more than 15,000 employees. Throughout his corporate and advisor careers he has worked internationally across different industries and companies. He has been involved in virtually all standard functional areas – on corporate, regional or country level – either directly as a functional manager, senior executive or business owner or indirectly as an advisor or board member. The assignments have involved highly complex business models, programs and projects, such as managing global M&As and reorganisations, major strategy programs, supply chain management, yield optimisation, process and other excellence initiatives, advanced production, complex IT ERP system development, technology R&D, etc.

He holds an Executive MBA from IMD and two economy and finance degrees from Copenhagen Business School, and has attended numerous other leadership courses.

Jens Christian Foged

CCO of Business Model Excellence Institute

JENS CHRISTIAN FOGED is Senior Partner and CCO of the Business Model Excellence Institute and a Certified Transformational Excellence Instructor.

Prior to this, he spent the first part of his career with A.P. Moller – Maersk (1990-2003), of which 10 years was spent on opening and scaling offices abroad in Europe, Western Africa and Asia, in his latter role as Area Managing Director for Maersk Logistics in South Korea & Japan.

Since his full-time MBA in 2004, Jens Christian worked as a management consultant and has held leadership and managerial positions with startup and growth companies such as Rainmaking and CONNECT Denmark, assisting startups scale and fundraise and bridging the digitalisation and innovation gaps in top tier corporate companies.

Jens Christian is an active board member, most recently as part of the Board of the IMD Alumni Club in Denmark and mentor to business professionals.

He holds an MBA from IMD, a diploma in Board Governance from the University of Copenhagen & Plesner Lawfirm, is a certified Project Manager by Implement and has attended a range of courses in leadership, NLP and facilitation since graduating from the A.P. Moller – Maersk Shipping Academy.

Lene Laungaard

COO of Business Model Excellence Institute

LENE LAUNGAARD is  COO of the Business Model Excellence Institute and a Certified Transformational Excellence Instructor. She is also board member in PAJ Group working with advanced mechatronics, and involved in overseeing the activities and running of Laungaard Holding.

Prior to this, she spent the first part of her career with A.P. Moller – Maersk (from 1989-2009), including 4 expatriations abroad in Europe, working predominantly with finance, IT development, Process Excellence, cost optimisation & controlling, yield management and terminal & intermodal projects – on corporate, regional or country level.

She is co-author of the Business Model Excellence book published in 2014, and has been deeply involved in establishing the overall taxonomy, and resulting Excellence training programs.

Lene holds a HD(R) from Copenhagen Business School and has attended a range of courses in leadership, Process Excellence and project management since graduating from the A.P. Moller – Maersk Shipping Academy.

Mattias Krogh-Møller

Advisor & Business Partner of Business Model Excellence Institute

MATTIAS KROGH-MØLLER is Advisor & Business Partner in Business Model Excellence Institute.

Mattias comes with a background from Novo Nordisk within the field of competency building, leadership development and training, having worked on strategic assignments with the aim of turning the global Novo Nordisk L&D function into a competitive advantage.

Besides his engagement in BMEI, Mattias currently holds the position as Head of Talent, Learning & Development in Nuuday, a leading Danish company in telecom services and infrastructure, where he is responsible for HR process development and general people development within the full employee life cycle.

Mattias is known for his relentless focus on the ability to actually deploy the skills you gain. His focus is to always ensure real business impact and a clear link between learning and performance. This has been a common thread in all his deliverables throughout his career, and his commitment to creating impact is also a key driver in his engagement in BMEI.

He has an educational background from Copenhagen Business School where he holds a Master of Business Administration and Organizational Communication.

Anne Katrine Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

Advisor & Business Partner of Business Model Excellence Institute

Anne Katrine Ahlefeldt-Laurvig is Advisor & Business Partner in Business Model Excellence Institute.

Anne Katrine is an experienced executive coach, HR professional, and management consultant with 20 years of practice in global roles in the corporate world.

She has a deep insight and extensive experience in practicing authentic leadership and driving change.

Anne Katrine is a firm believer that business managers must be empowered to lead development and change that create sustainable results for both the individual and the organization.

Her focus is on the bigger picture and on obtaining a deeper understanding of the system and narratives that lie behind a given situation. That way, it is possible to find new perspectives and ways of thinking that lead to new ways of taking action.

Anne Katrine holds a Master of Science in Psychology from University of Copenhagen and is a certified Executive Coach from Henley Business School, University of Reading.

Kristine Mørch

Advisor & Business Partner of Business Model Excellence Institute

Kristine Mørch is Advisor & Business Partner in Business Model Excellence Institute.

Kristine brings experience in strategizing, designing and deploying cross-organisational and global change programs and projects. She comes with vast experience in working with executive management level strategies and direction setting, and working with the organisation to translate these strategies into actionable programs.

She will leverage her many years of experience from Vestas Wind Systems A/S, LEGO Group / LEGO Foundation and bring new perspectives from her new role starting March 1, 2024, as the Program Manager at Skagens Kunstmuseer.

She is an authentic leader, passionate about engaging, motivating and cultivating high-performance teams and individuals. Always with a focus on unlocking the potential and competencies crucial for accelerating the rollout and execution of strategies, especially in transformative projects. She consistently emphasizes bringing people along to facilitate the necessary change.

Kristine holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a Diploma in Business Administration – Marketing Management from Aalborg University. She has also attended various courses in personal development, leadership development, and program / project management over the years.

Mogens Raun

Advisor & Business Partner of Business Model Excellence Institute

MOGENS RAUN is Advisor & Business Partner in Business Model Excellence Institute.

Mogens has led the Talent agenda for some of the biggest companies in the world such as Novartis Consumer Health, Nestlé, Allianz and The LEGO Group.

Mogens is passionate about helping people and organisations to unlock their potential for growth, which is very much in the spirit of BMEI’s mission and values.

Part of what Mogens brings to BMEI is his core belief system that all people have unique talents, and his Talent Management approach is therefore an “inclusive” one, where all people in an organisation are considered to be Talents. “In my experience, the most impactful approach to Talent Management is a Development oriented approach, where there is a consistent and transparent understanding across the organisation of what dimensions are used to Identify, Assess and Develop Talents, and it is key that these are integrated in the core Talent processes from “hire to retire”. “

Mogens holds an Executive Masters in Human Resources Leadership from Bocconi/Ruttgers Universities, and is currently certified as an accredited CRF coach from Henley Business School.

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