New global research released at the recent World Economic Forum reveals that purpose-driven companies achieve superior results, innovate faster and perform better over time.

The initial research findings show that corporate leaders see their company purpose expanding with their organisation’s role evolving to address global challenges, engaging employees and customers in new ways, with leading executives initiating purpose-led transformation journeys of their companies and business models:

  • Corporate purpose goes beyond financial results: 87% believe companies perform best over time if their purpose goes beyond profit.
  • Purpose-driven organizations are believed to have better results across a variety of measures: 89% say they encourage greater employee satisfaction, 85% better customer advocacy and 81% higher quality products and services.
  • Purpose is viewed as a driver of innovation and transformation: 84% believe their transformation efforts will be more successful if integrated with purpose.
  • Purpose is being underleveraged: only 37% say their business model and operations are well-aligned with their purpose.

Read the full article here:  Company Beliefs

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