Learning to see – evaluating the business model performance and potential

eye3Imagine if you could see your company’s performance and potential without prejudice, from multiple angles and perspectives, having all the required information, drawing on relevant insights, experiences and knowledge, and on this basis always make well-founded and wise decisions. How would that impact the company performance – and your own? We like to believe that we are completely rational, and are basing every decision on all available facts, but while the human brain is extremely powerful it is not immune to faulty judgements. Our mental behaviours are based on subconscious information processing procedures which in today’s increasingly complex business environments quite often will lead to faulty judgements. The brain can only see what it is prepared to see, and it is hard-wired for pattern recognition and linear thinking. Thus, if we want to assess the true performance and potential of company performance, we need to break these fixed and linear patterns, and learn to see things differently and from multiple angles simultaneously….

This is the first article in the series of assessment articles, taking outset in the Strategy Sphere.

Download the full article here: Learning to see

Søren LaungaardLearning to see – evaluating the business model performance and potential

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