Partner Certification


We are seeking new Partners, who can help us selling, marketing and executing Business Model Excellence training or advisory around the world. We are committed to only partnering with highly qualified companies, and seek well-established partners with a strong and proven business advisory or training track record.

Your company will become part of our global network of advisors or trainers, and your staff will be thoroughly trained in our Business Model Excellence Framework.

Advisor profile: The advisors often have a master or MBA degree, and have had several leadership assignments and own bottom-line responsibility prior to their current advisory role. They embody our values of integrity, courage and commitment, and can handle complexity and tough challenges. People recognise them for their results, and their personal drive, energy and passion. They like to execute and implement, and can do so without losing the overall picture.

Trainer profile: We seek experienced trainers who have conducted training sessions with success for years. Trainers who believe in excellence and have own experiences within process optimisation, Lean Six Sigma, etc. People recognise them for their capabilities, and their personal drive, energy and passion. They like to train and mentor, and can do so also in complex environments.