Our Advisory and Management-For-Hire teams are senior, small and hands-on and we work side-by-side with our clients leveraging their knowledge and expertise. Our focus and approach is about creating sustainable results and our Business Model Excellence Framework is an integral part of achieving this.

Below we have listed 3 typical assignments:

1. Strategy, Excellence Assessment and Organisational Alignment:

Our Advisors facilitate the design of the company strategy in close co-operation with your executive management, through a series of workshops and analyses, and determine the company improvement potential. In parallel to this the organisational roles, responsibilities, objectives and structures are aligned to the new strategy. We establish the overall roadmap and program governance, and possibly run the program management office together with your key staff.

2. Process, Functional or Execution Excellence:

Our Advisors establish and implement the architectures and concepts for the company Operational System to excel. This could for example be optimising processes or IT, optimising individual functional areas or implementing strategy deployment, performance routines or strategic HR disciplines.

3. Business Governance:

Our Advisors work directly with your executive management and company board to strengthen the company business governance, create a superconductivity reference system, assess the company business model maturity and dynamic adaption level, or assist with fostering a mind-set of excellence.